Ceramic Gradaute 2019

Gavin Lakey ( 1996 – )

Gavin graduated cum laude as a Ceramic Artisan from Spier Arts Academy in 2019. He had to the opportunity intern at Ceramic studios such at Woven Ceramics and Vorster & Braye in his final year.

“What I enjoy about ceramic is that you get to be creative in many ways, you can create shapes in unique forms and play around with colours. You constantly learn new techniques or test different shades of various colours.”

Gavin consistently scored high marks in quality and speed of production and regularly went the extra mile to learn more about ceramic. He is eager to start a ceramic tiling business with the skills he acquired during his apprenticeship.


Artist: Jenny Parsons
Title: Untitled
Size: 1.75m x 1.75m
Collection: Nando's
Location: Rosettenville

Artist: Jenny Parsons
Title: Untitled
Size: 2.1m x 1.4m
Collection: Spier Arts Trust
Location: Union House

Artist: Conrad Botes
Title: The Goliath Protocol
Size: 6.5m x 4m
Collection: Arcadia
Location: Johannesburg | +27 21 461 2679
Union House, 25 Commercial Street, Cape Town, 8001

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